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Chris Vogt has earned his livelihood by juggling at a multitude of events.  He is a talented and versatile performer who has a passion for juggling and entertaining audiences. He has been able to combine his love of juggling with his education in aeronautical engineering technology and his training in theater. 


His dedication to perfectionism and adaptability has surely helped him shine in all his performances. He has had the opportunity to perform at a variety of events, including but not limited to street festivals, halftime shows, corporate events, country clubs, business parties, school functions, weddings, night clubs, casinos, trade shows, music festivals, sporting events, university plays, and charities. 


His combination of technical training and artistic talent has allowed him to excel in a variety of settings and contexts.


It's clear that Chris has a strong work ethic and brings a positive attitude to all his performances.  Chris is a dedicated and skilled performer who has a wide range of experience in the entertainment industry.


It's also great that he approaches his work with humility, as this can help him to connect with any audience and deliver truly memorable performances.


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